Fabrizio Corbino


Fabrizio Corbino – Fashion Design Student at LAU
As a graduate of Leeds Arts University, I am proud to present my portfolio, which showcases the collection of work I created while pursuing my Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design. During my three-year specialist course, I acquired and honed skills and abilities that have equipped me to make a meaningful contribution to the Fashion Industry.


Throughout the course, I had the opportunity to work on various industry briefs, which enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of different brands and their customers. For instance, I worked on Adidas on a sportswear project, and with Comme Des Garcon and Clothsurgeon, where I was able to employ the numerous skills that I had developed in order to execute my work to the highest standards.
My proficiency in different CAD programs and my awareness of fashion trends through forecasting and research have helped me better understand myself and my work. My portfolio demonstrates my diverse body of work, showcasing both creative and technical skills and how they have helped shape me as both an artist and designer.
Thank you for taking the time to review my work.


Leeds Rag Fashion Show 2023 – Eudamonia


Showcased at Leeds Rag Fashion show for the 2023 Eudamonia runway, my outfit consisted of a loose fitting menswear shirt with loose fitting sleeves and open black denim trousers inspired by the late Vivienne Westwood.